Who we are

Personal trainers and guides committed to helping outdoor athletes reach full potential

Teton Mountain Training (formerly Teton Conditioning) was founded with a commitment to helping outdoor athletes train to reach extraordinary goals.  There’s nothing like focus on a big life experience to motivate athletic performance.  Our methods are simple;  we build custom training programs for our client’s specific training needs both in the gym and outdoors.  All of our programs are by appointment and one-on-one or in very small groups.

Our Vision


Teton Mountain Training is dedicated to helping outdoor athletes of all abilities to reach their fitness goals and achieve their personal best in the outdoors.  We help people in all stages and ages of life develop healthy levels of fitness to enjoy their outdoor activities and pursuits.  We personally train our clients for extreme outdoor pursuits.  We offer outdoor experiences that develop new skills and build self-confidence in remote mountain locales.

– P.J. Starich, Principal Program Director

Our Mission

Our mission is simple; to change people’s lives in a positive way by helping them pursue outdoor goals.  We help our athletes achieve high levels of personal fitness with a focus on outdoor activities that drive a year-round training programs individualized to client objectives in our gym and in the outdoors.   By continually  focusing on big outdoor objectives, clients are personally driven to pursue fitness training and skills to conquer their personal outdoor challenges in alpine climbing, paddling, skiing, biking, wilderness racing, or trekking.

Our People

2022-2023 Staff

Patrick Starich – Principal Program Director

Gary Edington – Fitness Program Director

Ryan Caspar – Winter Sports Instructor

William Ashworth – Fitness Trainer

Bart Starich – Outdoor Guide/Instructor

Mark Bennett – Outdoor Guide/Instructor